Hawkeye Avengers Endgame Jacket


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  • Material: PU Leather / Real Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Collar: Hooded Collar
  • Closure: YKK Zippered Front Closure
  • Cuff: Padded Cuffs
  • Color: Black


Avengers 4 Endgame Jeremy Renner Leather Jacket

This Ronin Jacket is an impersonation of the jacket that Ronin wore in Avengers: Endgame. During the events of Civil War, Clint Barton who is also known as Hawkeye breaks the Sokovia Accords and also retires from the Avengers. After he helps Captain America in protecting Winter Soldier, Clint becomes a fugitive due to which he was not present during the events of Infinity War. In the movie, to defeat Thanos, as Steve Rogers and Natasha recruits the remaining heroes, Natasha visits Japan where she meets Clint Barton who has dropped the persona of Hawkeye and has become a ninja who is known as Ronin. Jeremy Renner played the character of Ronin/ Clint Barton in Endgame.

This Jeremy Renner Ronin Jacket is a synthesizing of the best-quality faux leather containing an inner stitched viscose lining to make it soothing. Its features accommodate a hooded collar, epaulets on shoulders, a padded design on the front, padded cuffs, and front zip closure. The jacket also contains two inside pockets

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Faux, Leather


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, Tailored Fit + $30


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