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When is Thanksgiving 2020 in USA?

We all know that we celebrate the United States National Holiday every fourth Thursday of November. But did you know that there are religious as well as secular aspects of the holiday? Thanksgiving is important for various reasons. Not only is it a celebrated harvest festival, but it is also a festival of family. Let’s take a look at when this holiday originated and how.

That’s the best way to make sure that we celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 in USA and beyond properly. It all started back in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was the first harvest celebration ever recorded. Ever since then, it has been part of our culture and environment. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic raging throughout the United States as well as other countries, the people have still marked Thanksgiving 2020 in their calendars and are waiting for it anxiously.

Fun Facts

One of the things that Thanksgiving is known for is the food consumption. How else are you going to celebrate the harvest? Another thing that Thanksgiving Day is known for is Turkey. People make special arrangements for this day, families get together, friends come together, and they have a ball. People make sure that they make their best dishes.

Thanksgiving in the United States is different than Thanksgiving 2020 in Canada. In Canada, you will get to celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October. In the United States, we celebrate Columbus Day on the same date.

Once Thanksgiving is over, comes Black Friday. This day marks the beginning of the Christmas Shopping fervour. Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days and it has the highest sales in all the year. This year, just like every year, companies are offering amazing Thanksgiving 2020 deals that will have you purchasing all sorts of stuff.

How to Dress For Thanksgiving 2021

You know you are going to have fun when you put together the 4Fs. These are:

  • Food
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Fashion

This can only happen on Thanksgiving day. Whether it was Thanksgiving 2019, 2020, or beyond, you know that you have a great opportunity to dress your best and bring together a jaw-dropping attire. The best part is that various Thanksgiving sales are going on in your area as well as online that you can definitely take advantage of.

The only problem is that when you have to cook and dress for the occasion, you might not have the time to choose the proper attire. That is why we have come up with some suggestions that might make your dressing dilemma less stressful and more enjoyable.

Think About Comfort

When you are trying to take advantage of the Thanksgiving sales and selecting a brand new outfit for your Thanksgiving party, make sure that you put comfort first and foremost. Remember that you might be serving at your party, or even if you aren’t, you have to be at ease since you will be eating a lot. You might remember making jokes about loosening up your belt or something like that. So, when looking through the websites offering Thanksgiving 2020 sales, put comfort first.

What Will You Be Doing At Thanksgiving?

Also important is what you will be doing at Thanksgiving. A lot of families have different traditions regarding these holidays. Maybe you have a Thanksgiving baseball match in the garden or a softball tournament. Maybe your family goes on a walk. Maybe the entire family gets together and plays some board games on the floor.

Also, some families go to fancy restaurants for a Thanksgiving dinner. Are you one of them? What will you need to wear for this occasion?

Think About Colour and Texture

One more thing that you need to think about before selecting any dress is the colour and texture of the clothes that you want to wear. If you are thinking about going to a party, select something in the line of velvet or jacquard. Choose a bold colour if you want.

If you are going to stay at home or go to someone else’s house, you can choose comfortable jeans and a jacket or sweater. Just to differentiate between your normal days and Thanksgiving, you can select red or white jeans with a leather jacket or a custom blazer.

Thanksgiving Deals on Jackets

You have to keep in mind that Thanksgiving is the time when the weather is just starting to change. This means that it could be cold where you are. Even if you know you have to stay indoors, better keep something warm with you, just in case.

Take a look online at the Thanksgiving deals on coats and jackets. This is the best time to flaunt them. You can match them with a plain t-shirt or a full-sleeved shirt and jeans. You can even wear them with long skirts.

When looking at jacket deals on Thanksgiving, make sure that you buy a statement piece and create an outfit around it. Keep everything else simple, so your statement piece has a way to shine. Choose a simple t-shirt or a blouse and match it with a pair of pants or jeans and you have yourself an outfit. Select matching shoes and a purse and you are ready to rock.

If you want to look more trendy and chic, why not look through coat deals on Thanksgiving? This will give you a more elaborate ensemble. Especially if you are going to a party where you will meet your colleagues and friends from work. That will give you a more suave and elegant look while maintaining your level of comfort and style.

Think About A Statement Piece

Even if you aren’t going to a fancy party or a fancy restaurant, you might still want to look and feel glamorous. Why not go for a statement piece of jewellery? You could choose a necklace, earrings, or anything else that makes you look all luxurious and elegant and create an outfit around that one piece.


Whether you are hosting a Thanksgiving party, going to one, going to a fancy restaurant, or anything else, these are the tips that will help you look and feel the best. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner and have a blast. Thanksgiving 2020 is not going to be what it used to be before, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun.