Playing a mysterious music in the background, finding the hidden truths and realities, unveiling the dark truths, is all that makes the famous Sherlock Holmes character. The character was first introduced in the late ’90s by British author, making Holmes a private detective. Sherlock Holmes is known for his exceptional proficiency with perfect observations, forensic sciences and logical reasoning which he uses to solve his cases. The character was first introduced in short stories that eventually made a mark to the novel and literature books and then to movies and games, he had no end to his popularity. Sherlock Holmes is in media from the past one hundred years and still counting. Sherlock Holmes always had a brilliant and absolutely unique attire when he used to solve mysteries and cases. Sherlock Holmes wool jackets and coats are in very popular for people who loves spy movies. Puffing the smoke from his pipe, magnifying glass to discover hidden clues and a fancy old hat. His complete attire is loved and been followed for many years and even today children and adults love to dress themselves as Holmes and try to be as smart as him.

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