Return and Exchange

Keeping all of our customers happy is our first priority, where we always tend to provide you with exceptional quality products, without compromising over the quality and material of the fabric used. But mistakes do happens and sometimes the customers are not happy with what they have received. Before sending us any returns and exchange claims, be sure to go through over terms and conditions and policies carefully.

If the product been delivered to you is a faulty piece, contact us at your earliest and file a proper complaint, we would highly appreciate if you could send us a high-quality picture of the defective piece as well so that we can check out you meet the requirements for a refund or exchange policy. Be specific with your problem and the defective item you received. We always try our best to be quick in response.

Be sure that the tag of the product remains intact and is not removed and remains in its original packaging. Products will not be accepted if they have ripped price tags and packaging. Also, ensure that the fault in the package you have specified was there when the product was delivered to you. If the damage was caused by you, don’t worry we can repair that for you, but that will cost you a fee, but if the product is damaged during shipping, we will reimburse you at the earliest.

The products that are once delivered can be exchanged within a one-week time frame, once the period is over, we are not liable anymore for the damage. We will send your product back to you within 15 to 20 working days. These steps are there for your convenience only.

Note: In order to exchange the jacket, the additional shipping charges will apply.

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