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Wonder Woman 1984 is an upcoming Hollywood superhero film based on one of the most popular characters from DC Comics, Wonder Woman. It is all set to make a remarkable re-entry into the cinemas, it is basically the sequel of Wonder Woman released in 2017. With the popularity of 2017’s Wonder Woman, fans were eagerly waiting for its sequel. Just after the release of the first film in 2017, discussions were started for the filming of the next film which was finalized later in the same year. The filming of the film wrapped up within six months and ended on 22nd December 2018, though the additional shooting was done in July 2019. Wonder Woman 1984 poster instantly took the attention of entire Hollywood making it the most exciting anticipating superhero movie of 2020. This article tells you everything related to this upcoming movie from its release date to plot twists.

 The Basics

The Basics
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Wonder Woman appeared in the third position in highest-grossing movies of the year 2017. Wonder Woman trailer was released a few days ago which revealed many sides of the movie making it more interesting for the viewers. In this movie, Wonder Woman’s love, who died in the previous movie would return moulding everyone’s attention towards the character. This movie gives nostalgic effects of the
1980s which looks absolute fun. It was also observed that there would be two main villains including Cheetah, that was one of Wonder Woman’s friend who somehow turned into evil due to her powers. Another is Max Lord who was a businessman in the previous part, promised people to fulfill their wish on a cost.

Release Date & Production Info

Release Date Production Info
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The original Wonder Woman 1984 release date was in December 2019, which was rescheduled to June 5, 2020. However, due to the situation the whole world is facing right now due to COVID-19, the release has now again shifted. The new date for a most exciting superhero film is now set to be 14th August 2020. It is already being considered that the big-screen adventure would make this film blockbuster, but due to the uncertainty about the recent situation, it isn’t sure that cinemas would be open till August or
not. The upcoming DC feature film has a solid director and strong production with limited competition. This movie is directed by Patty Jenkins and written by Johns and Jenkins which already took both on top of superhero movie pair after 2017 hit.

 The Cast

The Cast
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Gal Gadot is returning back as Wonder Woman 1984’s title character. Wonder Woman 1984 Cheetah is to be played by Kristen Wigg, he was in talks with the director for a long time to be playing the main villain role in the upcoming sequel. A new face will be seen in the upcoming superhero movie, it was revealed that the second Wonder Woman 1984 villain will be played by Pedro Pascal. Jenkins confirmed that Steve Trevor would be played by Chris Pine again. However, an unknown role is to be played by Natasha Rothwell with the addition of Soundarya Sharma, who’s role is also not disclosed yet. Wonder Woman 1984 cast also includes Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen as general Antiope and Hippolyta, respectively.

Plot News & Rumors

Plot News Rumors
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Wonder Woman 1984 plot revolves around the main villain Cheetah and Wonder Woman. Her love would re-enter into her life, however, Steve Trevor would remain a mystery until Wonder Woman discovers the secret about it. Steve Trevor sacrificed himself in the first film, but his return in the sequel seems interesting putting a plot twist in the storyline. It was first assumed that it’s stupid to make the Steve return, but after the trailer, it has attracted everyone towards the mystery which is still unclear to people. The body of Steve was not shown in the 2017’s part, but Wonder Woman believed his death and so did the people. Within the trailer, it is seen that he would hand over a digital watch to Wonder Woman, which seems to be related somehow with time travel.


Wonder Woman 1984 is an upcoming superhero American film, which is expected to be released in August 2020. The trailer has already taken the attention of people and it is expected to be among the highest-grossing movies, as the previous one was a hit too. Several plot twists will be seen in the movie with a few new characters and majorly of the old ones. Wonder Woman’s good friend will turn out to be
the main villain, Cheetah in the movie and her love will be returned making the movie more interesting. Be it a Fashion Leather Jacket or Leather Jacket Outfits, choose us to Buy Leather Jacket.

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