Fast and Furious 9: Upcoming Hollywood Movie 2020

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Fast And Furious 9: Latest Movies, News ; Fashion Style

Fast and Furious 9 also known as F9 is an upcoming Hollywood action movie. The Fast Saga has always been on top of the cinematic world due to its remarkable production, story and cast. F9 is the ninth main installment in the series of Fast and Furious. After 2003’s sequel, it’s the one film to be not written by Chris Morgan. However, since 2013 it’s the first film to be directed by Justin Lin. The release of debut film The Fast and the Furious in 2001, it was considered to be just a B-movie of summer releases. It was realized later that the film starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker has exceeded the collection of the box office.

After seven sequels, The Fast and Furious series has grown in every aspect from cast size, budgets, stunts, scope etc. If you’re also a huge fan of the popular series then stick to this article and know everything related to the upcoming movie.

The Basics

Filming started in June 2019 and took place at beautiful locations. London, Los Angeles and Thailand were chosen for shooting and wrapped up in November 2019. During filming, the stuntman who doubled for Diesel, Joe Watts went through a serious head injury. Fast and Furious F9 Vin Diesel Leather Jacket is the best outerwear in the movie, also the trailer release date was 31st January 2020 which created chaos and excitement among the fans. Fast and Furious 9 trailer is approximately four minutes long and gives know-how about the storyline. It can be seen that the film will start slow and displaying Diesel’s Dom Toretto with wife Letty and son Brian Although Ludacris playing the role of Tej Parker which is famous as American rapper. Therefore, Ludacris F9 Black Jacket is very popular because of their stunning style or unique dressing sense. From the trailer, it could be concluded that things wouldn’t change that much as it’s the Fast Saga. However, a strong story with some familiar high-octane action will be seen, grabbing everyone’s attention.

Release Date of Fast & Furious

Release Date Of Fast Furious 9
Fast And Furious 9 Latest Release Date Production

Fast and Furious 9 release date has been delayed due to the current situation around the world. It has been pushed over a year until 2nd April 2021 in the US. It would be released globally in the same month as Fast and Furious 9 release date in India is also in April 2021. The film is making fans wait a bit longer than expected. It was previously set to be released on 22nd May 2020 but due to corona virus concerns, the decision of postponing was taken. An official statement from the production of the film highlights that safety is the priority and many people don’t have access to the cinema right now. Moreover, support to Fast and Furious 9 full movie free download is provided by several channels.

The Cast Behind The Film

The Cast Behind The Film
Fast And Furious 9 New Cast

Fast and Furious 9 cast has always been the centre of attention for everyone. In this sequel, it includes Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto, Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz and Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce. The tragic death of Fast and Furious 9 Paul Walker left everyone shocked, making a large hole in Toretto’s crew. Without him, the whole cast is incomplete as he played a major role in Fast and Furious 7. Other than Paul, much of the cast is still the same including Chris as Tej Parker and Nathalie as Ramsey. F9 John Cena Vest is here from the 2020 New American action film, If you all know John Cena is a popular American wrestler and in Fast and Furious 9 movie is playing the role of JakobTorettor and Jordana Brewster is appearing as Mia Toretto. Sung Kang, Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron will also be seen in the upcoming sequel.

Plot News & Rumors

Plot News Rumors 1
Fast And Furious 9 Latest News

The plot of Fast and Furious 9 has attracted everyone towards the film as it is still under wrap. However, big clues and hints are given in the trailer which shows how thrilling the film is. The dialogue ‘Justice is coming’ refers to some kind of revenge as Dom betrayed Cipher in Fast and Furious 8. The mastermind behind the criminal schemes has made it more interesting giving a touch of suspense to the film. All are wondering if Fast and Furious 9 Hobbs and Shaw will still follow the suit of the previous sequel. Seeing who Han considers responsible for the murder is previous sequels will keep the audience captivated. The line ‘Not all blood is family’ has a separate fan base as it has a major impact on the plot. It is because Dom Toretto who was an adopted ‘family’ has proved to be the main character of Fast Saga.


Fast and Furious 9 is an upcoming Hollywood film which is the ninth installment in Fast and Furious series. The release date of the movie had pushed over a year to 31st March 2021 due to the uncertain situation of the world. It was previously scheduled to be released this year on 22nd May 2020. Main faces of this squeal will remain unchanged however, plot twist will be seen. This film is already said to be one of the biggest hit next year making it the Hollywood 2021’s highest-grossing movie.

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