Levi’s Recycling Efforts: The Puffer Jacket

Levi S Recycling Efforts The Puffer Jacket
Levi’s Recycling Efforts The Puffer Jacket

Believe it or not, Levi’s has just launched its very own puffer jacket that is made from recycled waste as well as plastic bottles. It is one of the steps that Levi’s has taken for a more sustainable future.

The creation of the puffer jacket

The Creation Of The Puffer Jacket
The creation of the puffer jacket

We all know that growing and curating cotton is much more costly than recyclable materials. That is why Levi’s has chosen to make this jacket from recycled bottles and waste. Also, it removes the worries that people had with polyester and the resources required to make it.

This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to wear anything else. You can still rock the John Cena Vest in F9 or a bomber jacket if you want. This just means that Levi’s is trying to create awareness about the environment and the puffer jacket is the perfect idea to do so.

The jacket is made from post-consumer waste as well as discarded polyester. Both the materials are blended together to form a new synthetic fibre. This fibre is then utilized to insulate the jacket with.

This not only lowers the cost of producing polyester, it also reduces the need for fossil fuels as well as landfill requirements for polyester dumping.

Levi’s sustainable journey

Levi’s has been making a slow and gradual journey towards sustainability. They are trying their best to use materials that are sustainable and they are trying to use less water. One of the ways that Levi’s is introducing sustainability is by launching its Wellthread clothing line. Also Levi’s has launched a jeans that is the most sustainable so far. Each jeans contains 20% recycled denim, 60% organic cotton, and to top it off, this jeans gives off lower CO2 footprint during manufacturing.

Levi’s has also pledged that by the year 2025, they will achieve 90% reduction in greenhouse emission. They have also pledged that they will use 100% renewable materials in all of their facilities.

About the Puffer Jacket

About The Puffer Jacket
About the Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are not your everyday fashion statement. They are nothing like the Fast and Furious 9 Vin Diesel Vest. But they are in demand right now and they are colourful and vibrant enough to engage people. Puffer jackets are also called quilted jackets. That is because they have the signature quilt look. This includes square sections that are stitched down and the part inside the stitches is puffed up. This is the part that is filled with insulating materials and synthetic fibres. Depending on the quality of this material, the puffer jacket can deliver a high level of warmth. Another benefit is that even though they are filled with insulating materials, they are very light weight. If you take a wool jacket or a leather jacket, you will get the warmth but you will also have to deal with the weight. Not with puffer jackets. They provide both the benefits.


The importance of the puffer jacket is that not only does it provide warmth and it is light weight, it is also highly customizable and can be worn almost anywhere that you want.

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