A lot of people put a lot of thought and effort into their Halloween costumes. They start planning months before the actual date and by the time Halloween rolls around, they have everything ready. They prepare their own costumes as well as for their spouses or entire families. And then some people wait until the last minute before heading out to look for a costume. They might have been so busy with their office work that they didn’t get the time to go shopping or they might be procrastinators and thought that they could do it all at the eleventh hour.

Whatever the case, the issue is that Halloween is just around the corner and you still don’t have Halloween costumes ideas that dazzle everyone. One of the main features of any Halloween costume is that it should be easy to assemble. You don’t want to get something so complex that you have to go around different shops looking for each piece individually. A lot of people do that but as procrastinators, we are not part of that group. We want easy to find, comfortable, and cost-effective costumes that we can don for the Halloween parties and the trick-or-treat journey.


We all still remember the 1987 classic ‘Top Gun’. The way Tom Cruise looked in those overalls is something that most of us won’t soon forget. Men wanted to be that guy. Women wanted to be with the guy who looked like that guy. And now we have the upcoming Maverick. It may not be released around the time it was supposed to, but we can still dress up like it. This Halloween make sure that the overalls and the cool glasses are part of your Halloween attire and you won’t regret it. It’s not part of the scary Halloween costumes, but it still works.

Arthur Ashe

Fan of tennis? Why not go old school and teach everyone about Arthur Ashe. Dust off your tennis racket and get a pair of aviator sunglasses to look like the pro tennis player. This is one of the easiest ideas as far as Halloween costumes 2020 go. Again, not scary or spooky, but you will look different than everyone else at the party. Just don’t use your racket for social distancing (if you know what we mean).

Sherlock Holmes

Looking for last-minute Halloween costumes for couples? How about the greatest detective that ever lived and his trusty sidekick? Yup! We’re talking about the resident of Baker Street who solves crimes in the most unique way possible. You and your spouse or friend could dress up as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. All you need is a trench coat and a pipe to make it work. Dr Watson can wear his best three-piece suit and a hat. Add a walking stick for more effect.

Marty McFly

We admit that we still don’t have a single clue as to the hoverboard technology or how to transport a DeLorean to the past. What we can do is to dress up as Marty McFly this Halloween and bring back ‘Back to the Future’. Did we say it right?

Recently we have seen a trend of bringing the past to life and this could be your way of doing the same. The best part about it is it could be part of your Halloween costumes for adults list or you can add it to your Halloween costumes for kids list. The movie has a cult following in both adults and young ones and your children would love to dress up as Marty. Just dress them up in their favourite jean jacket/vest and you’ve got yourself a costume. For more effect, while your kid dresses up as Marty, you can be the Doc Brown. This is another easy to use costume with you putting on a lab coat essentially.

Serena Williams

For all the girls out there, we have the easiest Halloween costume out there. If you have spent all your time doing something else and are now looking for Halloween costumes for girls, go for a Serena Williams look. Just pull your racket out of your closet and wear a dress to match. This is the one look that can never go wrong.

David Bowie

We’ve covered sports stars and movie stars. Let’s talk about rockstars. Ever thought about being Bowie? Why not? This is the best time to bring out your inner rockstar and rock out at the Zoom party. Want to look cool without spending too much time on your costume? Go for the Ziggy Stardust era. You just can’t go wrong with it.

Oscar Wilde

Let’s talk about authors and poets. Who doesn’t know about ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’? Oscar Wilde was not only an amazing poet and author but also stylish. He once said, and we quote, “ A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” What do you need? Velvet blazer, fur-trimmed coats, and anything that shows how luxurious your life is.

Final Words

There you have it. A list of easy to put on costumes that will make you look out of this world. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time preparing for these so you can relax and enjoy your time.

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