How To Make A Distinction Between The Original And The Counterfeit Leather Jackets

Buying a leather jacket has become extremely difficult nowadays. Due to numerous products out there in the market, it seems daunting to check the difference between real leather jackets versus fake ones. The market is flooded with jacket merchants around the shopping streets in the United States.

Every shop owner tries to sell his clothing garments to customers at cheaper costs. The majority of people are not aware of the distinction between genuine and copy leather garments. Vendors take undue advantage of the innocence of people and sell them the forged leather jackets at reasonable prices. Customers still could not identify the originality of a jacket and get badly deceived.

In this blog, we are going to elaborate on the difference between the original and the counterfeit leather jackets. We will also discuss a few valuable tips as to how to recognize the quality of a jacket and do not get befooled by merchants on your next purchase.

So, let’s get started:

Use The Hand Touch Approach

Touching by hand is a natural way of finding the quality of a real suede jacket. It gives you a soft and smooth warm touch. The over smoothness indicates the synthetic and plastic leather material and identifies the in a genuine or faux leather jacket.

The quality of a leather jacket shows its authenticity and durability to the customers. Buyers need to be extra cautious while deciding to purchase a jacket. Buy a jacket only from reputed and trusted brands that you can rely on. It is better to check the jacket thoroughly by holding in hands, gently caressing, and stretching the material.

Read The Price Label

The price code always shows the considerable difference between the authentic and fake leather jacket. An original leather jacket has double expensive cost as compared to a synthetic garment. Always check the price of a leather jacket before buying. If any vendor tries to sell you a jacket at less price, then it is certainly not original.

Apply The Feel Of Smell

Real leather jackets smell great. When you smell a jacket, you will get to know about its originality and unoriginality. The original ones show you a pleasant organic smell that makes you feel good, whereas, the fake ones indicate the odor of chemicals and dye. An excellent way to check the leather jacket is by your sense of smell.

Spill The Water

A water test is a brilliant idea to check the authenticity or fakeness of a leather jacket. Take a few drops of water and spill them on your leather jacket. If it absorbs the water, then it proves to be real.

If it does not absorb and water stays there on the layer of the jacket, then you can claim the vendor to return your garment. The reason for absorption is that original leather jackets are manufactured of minute openings inside that cannot be seen but indicate the quality of a product.

Burn The Jacket With Heat Or Fire

Apart from the water test, you can also implement various other methods to judge the real superiority of a leather jacket. One of the tried and tested ways is burning a jacket with heat or fire. Use the matchbox or lighter to spark the flame and get closer contact with your leather jacket.

When you keep your jacket close to the fire, check whether it turns its color or shape. The real leather contracts in size when it is warm but returns to its original shape immediately. Conversely, the fake jacket burns and bends from its shape, showing the artificial faux leather garment.

Stretch The Leather Jacket

As you pull the leather jacket, it shows a crease or wrinkle layer that indicates its originality. An authentic jacket can stretch as long as you can. It has extreme elasticity that brings it back to its normal state. Always verify the texture of leather and feel its quality with your human touch of hand and fingers. A counterfeit jacket does not show any changes to its shape and indicates a rigid feel.

Long-Lasting Durability

Durability is a proven test for real versus replica leather jackets. The high-quality jackets always stay last longer for a lifetime. They are bought once and sustain for many years. Every time you wear them, you feel like new and show a handsome appeal to others. You can wash a leather jacket one-time a year and wear it for a longer period.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are tried and tested practices to recognize the original versus the counterfeit leather jackets. These tips will surely save you from bearing the loss and finding the best quality leather jackets for your wear.

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