7 Best Leather Jacket Retailers To Find Near You

Finding a good quality leather jacket is a daunting task for everyone. Due to tough competition in the clothing industry, it becomes complicated to hunt for a brand that symbolizes excellent quality and durability.

We all buy leather jacket for one-time that lasts long for a lifetime. It is an all-favorite outfit for daring men and bold, attractive women. Wearing a leather jacket develops a true sense of masculinity and femininity.

It is the ultimate piece of clothing that makes you look confident and enhances your personality and makes you superior to others. Many people keep a masterpiece leather jacket in their closets to wear it anytime on any occasion. It suits all ages of people, be it a teenager, young, or older adult. Before choosing the leather jacket, you should know its types, styles, and happening trends in the market.

Here are the seven best leather jacket retailers to find near you:


It is one of the leading clothing brands in the United States. Forever21 is an ideal fashion brand among the young generation. It offers a complete variety of clothing garments for men and women, including shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, bottom, jeans, shorts, swimwear, shoes, jewelry, and skincare cosmetics. Leather jackets are its core specialty.

Forever21 offers extensive styles of faux suede jackets for customers at affordable prices. It gives a handsome and stylish look to the wearer. The quality of leather material is at its best. Forever21 deals in custom-friendly leather and denim jeans jackets for its most valued customers.

Independence Brothers

It is a Philadelphia-based company deal in premium quality leather jackets for the mass audience and business industry. They work with well-refined and perfect craftsmanship to design the finest quality custom-fit leather outfits for men and women.

Their leather garments show the true reliability and durability with excellent quality that lasts forever. They manufacture their one-of-a-kind full-grain leather jacket that meets all the requirements and goes beyond the expectations. They offer superb styles of bomber, racer, and rider jackets for speedy bike riders. These leather jackets enhance the look and feel of a wearer and provide comfort and ease.

Jackets Inn

Jackets Inn

It is an American leather jacket brand that deals in men, women, superheroes, movies, celebrities, games, and TV serial clothing. Numerous male and female celebrities in the Hollywood industry wear this leather jacket brand and show their fabulous beauty and charm to the spectators. Some of the famous celebs are Angelina Jolie, Rachel Weisz, Kurt Russel, Eliza Harmon, Jennifer Lawrence, and Arnold Schwaznegar. It offers a broad range of genuine brown leather jackets for customers. The length and width of jackets differ in small, extra small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large, and custom-fit dimensions.

Urban Outfitters

It is an excellent brand famous for urban class fashion clothing for men and women. Urban Outfitters offers exceptional quality outfits for customers. It includes casual and formal clothing styles that leave a lasting impression on others. Urban Outfitters is famous for its finest leather jackets for all ages of customers. It offers a classic and vintage black leather jacket for traditional wear. It also has various racing jackets and moto jackets, faux leather, and blazer to show ultimate style and great appeal.

The Frye Company

It is a reputed shoe company that deals with boots, sneakers, shoes, and leather accessories for men and women. The Frye Company offers the best collection of men and women leather jackets, including biker jackets, moto jackets, trucker, cafe racer, and vests. It also provides briefcases and backpacks for travel.

Schott NYC

It is a New York-based clothing brand that offers men’s and women’s jackets at reasonable prices. It is famous for its raincoats and signature leather jackets all over the United States and around the world. It sells shirts, sweaters, tees, shoes, pants, jewelry, wool caps, and other miscellaneous accessories.

Jacket Maker

Jacket Maker
Jacket Maker

It is a renowned name for creating top quality and original leather jackets for men and women. Jacket maker makes the fabulous leather outfits from the raw material to the finished clothing. It has the utmost variety of customized male and female jackets that show a touch of style and attitude. It also deals in sheepskin, goatskin, and cowhide leather jacket styles for all ages of customers.


Hence, in a nutshell, those mentioned above are the well-known leather jacket brands for customers. They not only offer the spring leather jacket but also deals in jackets for all seasons and occasions.

These brands deliver the best quality and comfort of leather outfits that fit right on the perfect size and measurement for men, women, and kids. Apart from the physical brick-and-mortar stores, there is also a rising trend for setting up online e-commerce stores for selling clothing brands. It increases the chances for customers to purchase from various stores and boost their sales and conversion.

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