The King’s Man: Upcoming Hollywood Movie 2020

The King’s Man is an upcoming Hollywood movie which is the third installment of the Kingman franchise. It’s a period action spy film which is again written and directed by Matthew Vaugh. The movie is based on the story of British intelligence agency just like the previous movies Kingsman” The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Due to the remarkable collection of both movies around $900 million, the upcoming movie, The King’s Man is expected to be a super hit. The previous movies in the Kingsman franchise have set the standards high, thus expectations from this prequel have increased. The action experience delivered to the audience during the first movie was thrilling which has made The King’s Man release even more exciting. The audience is in hope to see the same spark in the upcoming prequel as of the first one. If you too are excited for the release of The King’s Man movie, here’s what you need to know.

The Basics

Matthew Vaughan is popular for his post-British super-spices with the creation of Kingsman franchise. This comic book series follows the story of a secret intelligence agency that is operating without any oversight of the government outside England. It’s known for the action sequences and humour, however, with the recent trailers humour wouldn’t be much highlighted in the film. The King’s Man movies would also revolve around the storyline of renowned Kingsman Secret Service Agency that was created by the Duke of Oxford. It tells how first agent Conrad entered into the agency after injury in war-torn Europe, giving a full picture to the audience about the spy agency. The well-dressed intelligence agents would steal the attention of cinemas with their exceptional performance in the upcoming prequel.

Release Date & Production Info

The King’s Man release date was originally November 15, 2019. Due to untold reasons, it was pushed back first to February 2020. However, it was not released on 14th Feb too, and the new date for the release was set to be September 18, 2020. The reason behind the first delay was noticed to be the deal between the two studios and the second one was held to accommodate Disney’s huge line of upcoming films. The King’s Man trailer was released for the first time in July 2019, while the second one was released after a gap of two months in September 2019. The trailer released by The King’s Man fox 20th century gives a more extensive look at the movie’s story. It reveals that this prequel is based on total thrill and suspense with a mastermind plot twist that will wipe out millions.

The Cast

The King’s man cast contains few previous actors but also introduces some new faces. It would not be wrong if the cast is said to be one of the strongest ones as it includes some amazing actors. The King’s Man Rasputin is being played by Rhys Ifans while Gemma Arterton is playing the role of Polly. The King’s Man Tristan is Matthew Goode and Joel Basman will appear as Gawain. Some other actors of the film include Tom Hollander, Daniel Bruhl, Djimon Housou, Charles Dance, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Stanley

Plot News & Rumors

From the trailers of the movie, it's apparent that it doesn’t follow up the previous two movies of the Kingman franchise. As the first movie introduces the secret organization of the spy agency while the other one shows how they saved the day abroad. The third movie appears to be the mixture of both film’s storylines. It gives the sign about how the agency is going to fight against the evil forces. The
opening scenes of the movie’s trailer shows that it wouldn’t take place at the current time. It is assumed that the story would spin around the already established storyline giving an overall interesting twist. You’ll also see main characters stepping into the fabled tailor shop in a genuine leather jacket to discover a smaller group of agents. The plot revolves around the race against time to stop the criminal masterminds.


The King’s Man is an upcoming action spy movie directed by Matthew Vaugh. It is the prequel of the previous two movies in the Kingsman franchise. With the remarkable success of the previous movies, the expectations for this movie are much higher. The audience is anxiously waiting for The King’s Man film to be released this year with new mens leather jackets. The trailer seems interesting and the plot spins around the secret agency of intelligence agents that would fight against the evil minds. If you want to buy black jacket women or men then you must browse our latest collection.

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