The Best All Time Favorite Celebrities Leather Jackets In Movies

Every one of us wants to become a celebrity for once in our life. We watch movies of our Hollywood superstars and admire them a lot. Even we try to eat, walk, sleep, wear and act like them. Our celebrity can be a man or a woman. The majority of us are impressed with our favorite celebrity’s extravagance and luxurious lifestyle and dream of having the same luxury and wealth as them.

We rarely know about the historical background of our celebrities. We do not even know how they get started with minor roles in movies and gradually became what they are today. It takes plenty of time, patience, and persistence to stand firmly on the ground and perform consistent effort to earn your name and reputation. Popularity does not come overnight, and it requires a lot of hard work and effort to maintain success for a longer time. Among the celebrity clothing style, leather jackets are the ones that became their reason for popularity.

Many Hollywood superstars love to wear leather jackets and make people follow their bold and distinct styles. One does not forget the fashion and trend for celebrity leather jackets that they wore in their movies and set a benchmark for others to follow.

Here are the best all-time favorite celebrities’ leather jackets in movies:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Black Leather Jacket in Terminator 2 – Judgement Day

It is among the super hit movies of 1991. In this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger wears a black leather jacket and rides his heavy trailer bike. There is an action scene when he comes to save a boy from a villain and shoots him with a gun.

A gunshot hits and pierces inside the body of a T-1000 (character of a villain) and tears his body apart. Wearing movie leather jackets and sunglasses became the reason for the popularity of Arnold to become an eternal superstar till today. Apart from movies, he is also popular for his interest in weight lifting and has earned the title of Mr. Universe several times. He has a muscular, robust physical body appearance that makes him suitable for action movies.

This movie received a massive round of applause and appreciation from viewers, and it was also nominated for the Oscar award. The director of this movie was James Cameron, who is famous for his mega-blockbuster box office hit movies “The Terminator,” “Terminator 2”, “Titanic,” and “Avatar.”

Brad Pitt – Red Leather Jacket in Fight Club

Brad Pitt is one of the handsome young actors in the Hollywood movie industry. He has acted in dozens of movies and won the hearts of his fans with his superb performance. Fight Club is one of his movies in which he wears a red jacket costume and looks amazingly attractive. The film was released in the year of 1999 and received public appreciation.

Liv Tyler was a lead heroine in the movie and acted pretty well. Viewers liked the duo couple of brad Pitt and Liv Tyler in this movie, and the film became a good hit. The idea of wearing a red-colored jacket also added a style and captivated viewers’ attention.

The Spice Girls – Victoria Beckham Black Leather Jacket

Spice Girls was a five girl’s band that emerged in 1994 and set the stage on fire. They won the hearts of many fans with their stylish and bombshell performances. Victoria Beckham was a singer and songwriter in this band and popularly known as posh spice among her fans.

She received the title of Beckham after getting married to David Beckham in 1999. He was a renowned English footballer of that time. Victoria Beckham was famous for the black leather jacket that she wore in her concerts and multiple casual occasions.

Michael Jackson – Thriller Red Leather Jacket

Michael Jackson needs no introduction. He is a man who revolutionized the US POP music industry. Whenever he performed live, he literally burned the stage on fire. His dancing style is still followed by his diehard fans all over the world. He produced successful albums of Billie jeans, lambada, beat it, dangerous, and a super horror album named “Thriller.” He received an impressive list of awards and acclaimed success in his music career.

Mission Impossible – Tom Cruise Leather Blazer

Mission Impossible is a super blockbuster hit movie consisting of eight series. The latest film is going to release soon next year in 2022. One superstar that always features in this movie is none other than Tom Cruise. He has an admirable personality in Hollywood and famous for his handsome appearance. In his movie mission impossible, he wore a black leather blazer that was immensely liked and appreciated by his global fans.

Bottom Line

Hence, in a nutshell, those mentioned above are the all-time best and favorite celebrities’ leather jackets in movies. Many of the stars became hit due to wearing jackets in their films. It is a growing trend in Hollywood stars and increases the value and demand of leather jacket sale among ordinary buyers.

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