Sofia Vergara: Latest News, Fashion Dresses and Movies

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Sofia Vergara: Fashion Dresses, Movies and Latest News

Sofia Margarita Vergara is an American-Colombian top-earning actress, producer, and model. Sofia Vergara was born in Barranquilla belongs to a catholic family. She was studying dentistry and before 2 semesters of her final degree, she left it and opt her career in modeling and television industry. Sofia was living in Colombia from a long time but now she recently shifted to Miami, Florida. Her cousin and an adopted sister are also famous actresses in the United States.

Sofia Vergara Movies

Sofia Vergara: Latest Movies

Sofia begins her career at the age of 17 when she was just a school student, her first appearance was in a commercial of Pepsi which was on-air in Latin America. She got many offers from the fashion world for modeling, and at a very early age. After this commercial Sofia start getting workshops of acting. After getting the education and knowledge about acting she appeared in a drama “The Paperboy” Directed by Lee Daniels in 2011.

Sofia is one of the highest-earning actresses in U.S. television and named in one people’s magazine’s “50 most beautiful people”. A Hollywood reporter named her as the most influential woman in Hollywood. In July 2011 she finishes the shoot of Farrelly Brothers’ the three stooges in which she performed her first lead role in a film. In April 2012 she appeared in her own son’s YouTube web series. In 2016 Human Rights Campaign make a video on the 2016 Orlando gay nightclub shooting in which Sofia Vergara style queen and different actress gave stories about the victim.

Sofia’s Fashion

Sofia Vergara Fashion and Style

When comes to fashion, from outerwear to footwear and accessories all matter a lot to Sofia Vergara Costumes. Choosy in buying clothes and selecting them. She is always well dressed from head to toe. Making her feel special and beautiful, she pampers herself in all the beautiful fashion leather jacket. Sofia Vergara is an actress so she has to be more careful about her dressing, to look charming, outclass and always fresh. She uses to wear red leather jacket women gowns and some flares dress in award shows, with beautiful long heels which her personality more graceful. Looking forward to her normal wears she so for ripped jeans, long heels, and buttoned shirts or crop tops. Make her style where ever she got everyone has an eye on her. Maxi, long gowns, skirts are her all-time favorite and use to wear heels mostly. Sofia Vergara outerwear has an amazing definition of fashion she is addicted to wearing them in routine, shades of every new design she has a craze of that. Wearing new style earing, pendants, necklace and all long lockets she just makes them wear and that make her outfit complete. Even when it comes to bags she holds the amazing bag whenever seen in any show, or public she is carrying her bag with her all the time. She has a fabulous fashion ideas and always make her look gorgeous and stunning.

Latest News About Sofia Vergara

Latest News About Sofia Vergara

Latest and the biggest news is that Sofia is involved in a lawsuit case filed by her is just frozen now and dismissed by the judge. Many actresses are facing these kinds of cases problems but now Sofia case comes to an end. Joe Manganiello husband of Sofia Vergara discusses the biggest adjust of him which he did when he marries her and he said that she is her dream girl to whom he always wanted to marry, she is the one to whom I dated and afterward we tie the knot into marriage and I just love her. It is said that Sofia is still the highest-paid actress of the U.S. In Emmy award show Sofia and her son Manolo were captured as posing and all the eyes were on them.



An American and Colombian actress presenter and model Sofia Vergara is a versatile and stunning people. She has been working from a very young age of her life and now is a popular name of Hollywood. She is a bold and gorgeous actress and model, did lots of work in the film industry and fashion industry too. Sofia is investing in other businesses too and making good brands of her. Although is known as the highest-paid actress in the U.S but still most of the directors approach her and make her actress in their films. She has been nominated in many award shows and got more than 10 awards. She plays versatile roles in film, got an award for the best comedy actress too. Here at Jackets Inn you too can get benefit from leather jacket sale to shine like a star.


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