Leonardo DiCaprio Style & Fashion

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is an American actor and producer who is among the most popular Hollywood actors. He has appeared in multiple movies since childhood and has never failed to surprise everyone with his acting skills. Leo has played many different roles and unconventional parts like period films and biopics. As of 2019, Leo movies have earned 7.2 billion dollars worldwide. He has been placed eight times in annual rankings of the world’s highest paid actors. The blue eyes, blonde hair and natural talent of Leo has made him unique and within the Hollywood industry. He has always been an inspiration for others, making his debut in thriller film Critters 3 as little guy Josh.

Leonardo DiCaprio age is 45 years, born on 11th November, 1974 at Los Angeles, USA. His fashion style captures the attention of attention, making him a popular style icon. Let’s have a look on the Style and fashion related details of amazing actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio Street Style

Leonard DiCaprio is considered an ultimate style icon who excel every outfit with his amazing sense of fashion. He looks classy in every suit he wears, giving an inspiration to millions. When it comes to Leonardo DiCaprio street style, he wants to dress up cool and stylish. He loves to mix things up so that a unique style is generated that look absolutely perfect on his personality. Leo is usually seen in casual t-shirt with pants that is extremely affordable by any ordinary man. His flattering style is loved by his millions of fans across the world. He doesn’t panic with his looks but takes time to select the best one that complements his overall street style. As a huge fan of sports, Leo look stunning in classy patter shirt, simple V-shaped t-shirt with a fashionable jacket that enhance the whole look. To adopt the street style of Leo, you can buy mens black winter jacket that looks appealing in cold season.

On-Screen Look

Leonardo is concerned about his on screen look and wants to look the best. He has grown up in front of the camera wearing different styled suits whether its formal or casual. Leo knows how to rock any kind of outfit in his movies. From gentle tuxedo in Titanic to 90’s vintage style double breasted suit and cheesy suits in The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio movie outfits are a complete definition of style. He has the ability to make every outfit look good with his versatile fashion style. Leo has fantastic sense of fashion and knows what suits him the best. He doesn’t hesitate to experiment different looks flexibly adjusts all kinds of outfits. His formal and casual attires in movies captivate every eye. Whether it’s slick black tuxedo, flawless cream suit, classy pinstripe or super hot pink suit, he excels in all of these. There are multiple leather jacket companies that offer complete collection of his inspired movies jackets, so you can adopt any look of Leo.

Leonardo Hair Style & Accessories

Another style of Leo that is famous among his fans is his evergreen hair style. He is the best when tying out different kinds of style on his mop of blonde hairs. You must have seen him in straight hair look, long hairs or roaring hair style. Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle that became the most famous hair cut is Titanic style where he starred in several roles as teenager. He brought back the roaring twenties hairstyle while performing some lead roles in recent movies. When it comes to the accessories of Leo, he has always astonished everyone. There are certain Leonardo DiCaprio brands that he completely relies upon for his shoes and watches. Leo always wear elegant watches with his formal and semi-formal dresses. He doesn’t like to use too much accessories but pick up the best and use It efficiently. He is a big fan of hat and likes to pair up his casual outfits with either basketball hat or the fedora one.

Leonardo DiCaprio on Red Carpet

Leo is always among the best dressed celebrities of Hollywood at red carpet events. He shows up in extremely stylish attire that not just attracts everyone but keep every eye stick to him only. No other celebrity can be seen when Leo is standing at the red carpet. He is choosy with his outfits and selects the ones he knows would be perfect for a certain event. He knows the importance of tuxedo, that’s the reason everyone has seen him mostly in tuxedo since 90s. He is the perfect example of wearing a suit that fits his personality from head to toe. He never fears to try out blue suit at red carpet and loves to stick with the bright colors. He raises the bar of red carpet standard by wearing fashionable, elegant and eye-catching outfits every time. Though he is usually seen wearing black, but blue is a special color for
him that expresses his love for colors.


Leonardo DiCaprio style is extremely catchy and impressive. His fashion sense and elegant selection of wardrobe has made everyone even bigger fan of this amazing Hollywood actor. Not only his acting skills,excel, but his style speaks for his giving a fashion statement that is followed by millions. Whether you are a man or woman, Leonardo DiCaprio would be your fashion inspiration. You could adopt any look of Leo by buying online for his inspired outfits. There are also some amazing tailored jacket womens available that complements the entire personality just like Leonardo jackets.

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