Step By Step Guide How to Clean Leather Jacket with No Regret (Demo)

We all know that a leather jacket is a perfect outerwear for men, women, boys, and girls to wear on different occasions. From casual parties to formal events, you can wear a stylish leather jacket to stay comfortable and look sharp. This guide will help you to clean leather jacket in a right way.  It is the right essential to stay warm in the subzero atmosphere without sacrificing your style.

So if you are looking for the right method to clean your stylish yet last longing fabric jacket then you are reading the right stuff. Below are some proven ways to clean a leather jacket that never goes out of style.

  1. Clean With A Wet Towel By Mixing Up Soap & Water

You won’t be able to simply put your leather jacket with surf and water in the washing machine as it will become shrink and warp. If your jacket is dirty or dull, then you must clean it with a wet towel by using water and a soapy solution. You can also use a sponge with a soapy solution to clean the dirt of your jacket.

Do remember to use a soft fabric as the rough fabric may leave scratches on your clean leather jacket. Else, it might make your outerwear more dirty and dull.

  1. Wipe The Outside Part With A Soapy Solution

With a piece of fabric or sponge along with a soapy solution, start cleaning the outside area of your jacket. Make sure to run the towel or sponge smoothly on the surface of the jacket. Do not forcefully scrub the jacket to avoid forming scratch.

Pay special attention to every section of the jacket to clean stains, dirt or oil without affecting the quality of the leather. Step by step cleans the entire jacket by following the same process.

  1. Clean Off The Jacket Again With Water

After the jacket gets dry wipe off the soapy solution, dirt, oil, stains with a clean towel and water. Carefully clear away soap residue with clean water. Once you clear the residue with clean water, let the jacket dry on the rack for a couple of hours, so there will no standing water or residue remain on the jacket.

You can also use a dry towel to completely dry the leather. Hang the jacket in the room and allow it to dry naturally. Avoiding drying your jacket in the sun or through the machine as heat can affect the quality of leather, especially when it is wet.

  1. Purchase A Leather Cleaner Solution Or Polish

We all know that there are different types of leather cleaning solution and polish available in the market which you can purchase to make your jacket shine. It contains ingredients that wash away stains, dirt and oils spill from the leather without affecting its quality.

You can easily purchase a leather cleaner polish from the neighborhood store as well as online stores in a few dollars. Thus stock up a bottle of leather cleaning solution to make your jacket look brand new for years.

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  1. Apply The Leather Conditioner To The Jacket

Whether you purchase a gel solution or cream conditioner, mix the leather conditioner with warm water to apply it over the dirty part of the jacket. If you’re using a leather conditioner for the first time, do keep in mind to start with a minimal quantity of a leather conditioner.

Ensure to use a soft and clean towel or piece of cloth to polish the surface of the leather jacket. By doing this you will clean dirt, and remove water spots that have remained in the jacket while cleaning with a soapy solution and drying with clean water. Always clean leather jacket with care.

  1. Remove Excess Leather Conditioner

Once you apply the conditioner to the leather jacket, ensure to use a separate towel to wipe off the excess solution droplets remaining on the leather. Make sure the jacket should look rich and just like brand new when you finish wiping off the excessive solution.

In this way, you will not only provide a new look to your leather but also keep it in a good shape with no regret. Do not rinse away the leather conditioner after applying as it has the characteristics to automatically dry. Apply the cleaner solution several times if the jacket is looking very dull, cracking or splitting.

  1. Hanger Your Jacket Properly

After cleaning and conditioning your leather jacket, ensure to hanger your jacket properly in your wardrobe to wear it with any of your favorite tees in formal and casual events. Do remember to Hanger it in a cool or dry place after cleaning and conditioning the jacket so that you can use it for years with no regret.

If you don’t wear your leather jacket in the summer occasion then you must put it in a bag or packing to keep it secure. Surely, by following the content shared in the above passage anyone could easily clean and conditioner their leather jacket in a quick manner. Do remember to share this step by step guide of how to clean leather jacket in your network as well.

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