Halloween Costume Stores: What’s New in 2020?

Its spring and Halloween is around the corner. This Halloween, things are going to be a little different. It’s quite uncertain how this Halloween will go down. This virus thing has ceased all the fun and flurry of 2020 but still, there is this one thing that can make it up for you – choosing the craziest Halloween costume for yourself. If you are a lazy and dull person, there is still half the month before Halloween day. But the vibrant folks around here, are excited for the best part of this event.

Halloween is all about costumes and all the creativity and innovation that goes into making one for yourself. Some people like to keep it moderate while others prefer to be dressed as something extra creepy which cannot be easily forgotten. Whatever is your style statement, just be sure to check out some cool Halloween stores before finalizing your Halloween costumes 2020. There are tons of costume stores online now and you can get the costume of your choice very easily because of a big range of all sorts of Halloween costumes.
Despite the pandemic, Halloween spirit is still young in a lot of people who love to wear costumes.

Let’s check out some hot trends for this Halloween.

Jackets never go out of fashion – especially as a Halloween costume. Hundreds of online costume stores have already stowed their Halloween jackets sale up to 50%. Isn’t that exciting?

When browsing through the Halloween jackets deals, do check for the Dark Knight Joker coat.

Most trends are set by celebrities and movies now. So, we are going to list down some latest trending celebrity styled and movie-themed costumes.

Trendy Halloween Costumes

Bane’s Coat

If you are willing to get a villainous look this Halloween, this one is for you. Remember the Bane from 2017 ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? His signature brown distressed leather coat is available on the stores now.

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Scarlet Witch Costume

Girls Marvel fans, this one is for you. A beautiful, vivid, red costume right from “Civil War’ is available on the stores for this Halloween.

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Joker’s Grand Heritage

Another villain from ‘The Dark Knight rises’ – the most liked one and the most hated one – Joker.
A full-fledged Grand heritage costume of Joker is in the stores.

Vampire’s coat

Whenever we talk about a vampire character from a movie, somehow a Victorian costume comes into our mind. And that is going to make your Halloween look awesome. It’s a great idea to look decent as well as dressed up as a Vampire. So, do check this style for your costume.

Klaus Hargreeves’ Coat

Of course, everyone knows who Klaus Hargreeve is. After the series ‘The Umbrella Academy’ this fictional character has gained massive popularity. That black shearling coat of Klaus Hargreeve will instantly make you the center of attention (in case 5 other people are not wearing the same coat).

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Suicide Squad Joker

How can we ignore this one at a Halloween party? A villain from DC and an amazingly vivid idea for flaunting your Halloween’s apparel. Don’t forget to dye your hair green and paint your face white with this Suicide Squad Joker’s costume.

Captain Hook’s Long Coat

Most men’s favorite Halloween costume is going to be Captain Hook’s long coat from the very popular TV series – Once upon a time. The dashing looks of Prince Charles can now be yours because of this amazing costume.

So, these are some of the Halloween costumes adults would love. Let’s also have a look at what we have in stores for children. Children enjoy Halloween the most with their Trick or Treats, fancy costumes, and of course the Halloween decorations.

The latest costume ideas for kids are as follows:


There may be hardly any kid in 2020 who does not know about this game. Kids aged between 6 to 14(or maybe higher) are the main consumers of this game. Get your children the Fortnite themed costume to make their day.

Hocus Pocus

Halloween celebrations are incomplete without this Hocus Pocus themed costumes for kids. Children love to be dressed as a witch from Hocus Pocus.


Named after the brightest star in the sky, Beetlejuice’s character from the 1988 movie is nowhere near its name’s inspiration but Halloween’s theme is a 100% match with this scary costume.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you plan to do this Halloween, just make sure to take care of the homeless and poor people around you. Out of all your joy and celebrations, it should not add to the suffering of a person who is already going through hard times. During this pandemic, it is possible that when you are wearing your $300 fancy Halloween costume, someone is waiting for his paycheque.

A simple act of sharing your food with any homeless person nearest to your locality would make a lot of difference.

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