Going Shopping for a Leather Jacket

Going Shopping for a Leather Jacket

Fashion and style have always centered around one thing – attitude. It’s not just a pose or an expression or even behavior – it is a choice. Attitude is all about how you pull off what you are wearing and how good you look doing it. The clothes you wear define who you are just as much as they make you look good.

So let’s talk a little about the look that will always be classic and never out of fashion – leather jackets. Although it never went away the leather jacket look has made a big comeback in recent years, from movies to series, from regular real-life to Halloween. This classic rebellious look is the ultimate way to get the attention of any onlookers till day.

Some of us even go looking for a specific look from cult classics like Grease and Top Gun to the edgy and modern look of The Fight Club or The Matrix. We spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the years to find something to our liking. To have it fit us just like one of those celebrity leather jackets fits them. There’s no point otherwise. If we cant look as good as a celebrity when wearing it then we might as well not try, but that’s not going to happen. Finding the perfect leather for yourself is harder than getting an off the rack suit that fits you as if it was tailored.

Following Trends or Impulse?

Finding a leather jacket that’s perfect for you is hard enough but then there are the prices for some of these outlets or brands that give us pause. Although we can not resist the urge to buy it since we all have one or have had one in the past. The leather jacket has often been the guilty pleasure we’ve had when we go shopping, thinking “well this’ll be my one fiscally irresponsible thing that I buy this year”.

There is no way around it. It is hard finding out what’s new and what’s in. We usually look to our celebrities to show us what’s in. That’s why we base our look on the movie leather jackets, we see actors wearing. It looks good, we imagine we’d look good in it too or want to look good in it and so we remember it when we go shopping. And now it’s easier than ever to see if a certain jacket is in stock somewhere thanks to online shopping.

On a Budget? Where Do You Go?

So what do you do when you’re on a budget and need to buy a leather jacket? Well, some of the best places with a hefty variety of choices include Bloomingdale’s, Fyre, and Forever 21. These chains are quite affordable considering the taste of their inventory. And the online route is also a good way to get a sense of what’s going on these days. A lot of the world now just goes online and buys clothes from design wear to Target, it’s all digital. 

The leather jacket store doesn’t exist so much on its own anymore as it does in the men’s or women’s section. The thrift store is not a bad option either especially if you go in to bargain something. You may find that it is surprisingly easy and affordable to get a nice leather jacket to your liking. So before you go to the outlet mall, checking out the local thrift store isn’t such a bad idea.

Making the Right Choice

So what do you look for when you find ‘the’ leather jacket? First off, the leather itself. Be sure to check what material it is like because it can change your view on it drastically after some time if anything’s off. It can wear more than it should or wrinkle easily. So always ask for help when in the store, make sure you do your due diligence on the product you buy. Try it on – see if it’s snug. It should be. The length should complement your body type for instance, whether it’s a cropped jacket or regular or full length. Careful, because this part could be problematic depending on which style you’re buying. 

The shoulders and back should feel comfortably packed when you button or zip up. If the collar or lapel are stitched on then check to see if they’ve been done well. And the lapel and collar should be the same quality material as the rest of the jacket. The detailing should be well crafted and look good. As well as the lining itself should be soft and made out of good material and of course look good.

Final Thoughts

All in all, everyone should have at least one leather jacket in their wardrobe just like a nice comfy plain white T, or a comfortable pair of running shoes. The leather jacket and jeans is a classic look that always gets you style points when you’re out and about with your friends or alone. That raggedy biker or the rockstar look can carry you places where no other attire would.

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