Catwoman Costume: Everything You Should Know About It

Whether we admit it or not, we are all in love with the character of Catwoman and the good girl/bad girl vibe that she has been throwing around her. Catwoman has been around for a long time. She made her first appearance in 1940 in the Batman #1 comic and instantly became an essential part of Batman’s life. She has been his number 1 nemesis and his love interest.

Ever since her introduction in the comic, she has made many appearances in other comics, video games, movies, and TV shows and has solidified her presence in the DCU. Every time she has appeared on any kind of screen, she has left her mark not only as an independent/bad woman but also as a fashion trend starter. In this article, we are going to take a look at the Catwoman costume and the many iterations that it has gone through. We will look at the wardrobe of Michelle Pfeiffer as well as Anne Hathaway and more. What we will not do is talk about the whole Halle Berry fiasco. That is something that we would very much like to forget.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns

Let’s start with the movies first. The movie Batman Returns was released in the year 1992. It was the second Tim Burton movie. We got to see the famous Penguin aka Danny DeVito and the sexy and villainous Catwoman played by Michelle Pfeiffer. Although Catwoman has always been sexy, in this movie, she takes it to the next level. She saw the perfect match in Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance as well as the iconic black leather suit that she wore. Many women have tried, successfully or unsuccessfully, to recreate this look on Halloween or for other costume parties. Another thing that complimented the entire look was the Catwoman costume accessories like the claws or the headset that she wore.

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises

It was twenty years before Catwoman was allowed in Hollywood and it was for the Dark Knight Rises. Anne Hathaway played the iconic role in this movie and now that we have seen her in action, I don’t think we can ever see Catwoman as anyone else. Although Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman is not as sexy as Michelle Pfeiffer’s, she carries more class. She goes to balls and eats at nice restaurants, all the while stealing from the rich and keeping it for her. Even when she’s not dressed in her body-hugging, sexy suit, she is still dressed in all black, with a hint of white and dark red lips. If you want to dress like Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman, go for a black jacket for women and pair it with a fitted black skirt or skinny jeans and black heels. One of the things that really fitted in with the whole ensemble is the Catwoman goggles that we see Anne Hathaway wearing. Put on some cat-eye sunglasses and you have a complete look.

Catwoman Outfits: Batman (1960)

Back when Batman was still a new character, the many villains that were part of his series were shown as crazy and quirky. This also included Catwoman a.k.a. Selina Kyle. Her outfit started from a plain green dress in the early comics and then made quite a few iterations. Believe it or not, she even had on a cape one time. Another time, she can be seen with dangerous sexy slits going up to her dress. Her hairstyle has also changed over time. Whenever she has been seen, she has been wearing the best of what that time had to offer. If you want to dress like the 60’s Catwoman, you will have to go full retro. Find a long sleeve top with a boat neck and pair it up with cigarette pants and black fitted jackets for womens and you have got yourself a sexy 60’s look.

Add black booties to it and gold accessories and you will have the best Catwoman costume at your party.

Catwoman Outfits: Batman Animated Series

Now that we’re done with the movies, let’s talk about the Batman Animated Series. In this series, as usual, she is Batman’s love interest as well as his enemy. She has a knack for beautiful and sparkly things because, in her mind, she deserves to have them. And hence starts a game between Catwoman and Batman. In this animated series, Catwoman takes a leap and leaves the all-black ensemble and instead goes for an all grey costume. Her mask stays the same.

If this is the look you want to recreate then you will have to go for grey instead of black. Start with a grey jumpsuit and match it with black accessories. This could be a purse or high heels or both. Don’t go overboard with the jewelry; instead, try to stick to a single statement piece. If you want to look fashionable while remaining comfortable then this is the best costume for you.

So Which of these Catwoman style outfits Do You Want to go for?

If you are a fan of Catwoman and her style then you must have thought of dressing up as her for a party. So which one of her many looks are you going to go for?

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