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Who here doesn’t know Bradley Cooper these days. The star of blockbuster hits such as the comedy Hangover trilogy, as well as the highly acclaimed A Star is Born (2018) starring Stefani Germanotta, he has acted and produced a lot of critically acclaimed projects, and has been nominated for eight times for an Academy award, and once for a Tony award. He has also won two Grammy awards, as well as a BAFTA award. A man of many talents, he has become one of Hollywood’s most wanted leading men.

Who is Bradley Cooper:

Who Is Bradley Cooper
who is bradley cooper

Born Bradley Charles Cooper on January 5, 1975, to Charles Cooper, a stock broker at Merrill Lynch, and Gloria, who worked for a local NBC affiliate. Living in Philadelphia, cooper was not always the dashing heartbreaker he is now. According to the man himself, he was teased a lot for looking effeminate, as a kid, due to his long hair. An avid basketball player and cook, he would always cook for his friends. He first wanted to pursue acting after he saw The Elephant Man, and Bradley Cooper at the age of 39 got to play the role of the deformed Joseph Merrick in the 2014 run of the play on Broadway.

Some of the famous Bradley Cooper movies include The Wedding Crashers (2005), The Midnight Meat Train (2008), The Hangover Trilogy, Valentine’s Day (2010), Limitless (2011), The Place Beyond the Pines (2012), Silver Linings Playbook (2012), American Hustle (2013), Rocket Raccoon in Marvel Cinematic Universe, A Star is Born (2018) and many others. A prolific actor, he has now dipped his toes into the world of direction and production as well.

Bradley Cooper’s net worth as of 2020 is equal to a hundred million dollars.

His array of styles:

His Array Of Styles
His array of styles

Bradley Cooper has an array of styles he prefers, which changes from day to day and event to event. But in all of his looks, there’s an element of comfort and relaxation that can be seen, which shows that Cooper doesn’t just like to look good, he also needs comfort when choosing his outfits. Also, he pairs his styles with what kind of role he is going to be in, for example he is just sitting in the audience, or if he’s hosting the event or any other such situation.

  • The street look:

His street look is very relaxed, yet stylish enough to make him stand out. A pair of straight cut jeans, paired with a plain t-shirt and a stylish leather jacket or a fleece lined jeans jacket finishes the ensemble. Add to that a loose, carefree hairstyle, a pair of aviators and a
somewhat unkempt beard, and he goes for the rakishly handsome biker look. Or a painstakingly styled uncombed hairstyle with a trimmed beard framing his face, and he goes for the elegant mountain man look.

Another look he sometimes sports, is the carefree country guy look, with a loose collared shirt, worn untucked over a pair of straight fit jeans, and paired with a long hairstyle and beard, for that rough and tough country look.

  • The red carpet look:

For the 2019 Oscars, where his movie A Star is Born was nominated for an Oscar, as well as a nomination for himself for Best Actor in a Leading Role for the same movie, he also had to perform the hit song “Shallow” from the film onstage live. For that event, his ace team
comprising of stylist Ilaria Urbinati, and men’s groomer Natalia Bruschi designed a look for him that complemented his unique aesthetic, while still keeping true to spirit of the event. While Bradley Cooper does not like to linger long on the red carpet, and that’s the reason he
also misses many such events, he still needs to look the part of an in demand leading man when he does show up to an event. The team had to prepare a look that would look suave and elegant, yet comfortable and relaxed enough for him to sit down on stage to perform
the song with Lady Gaga.

Their resultant look was a play on balance between the elegant red carpet look, and the dapper stage performer look. Wearing a Tom Ford tuxedo with a pair of Christian Louboutin boots, he looked stunning. The cut of the trousers was long enough that it wouldn’t ride up too much when sitting on stage, yet not so long as to bundle up when standing or walking.

According to his groomer, she styles his hair according to the event he’s attending and his wardrobe. For a daytime event, she goes for a looser hairstyle that displays a carefree attitude with more natural, less product dependent hairstyle. But for an evening look, she prefers a tighter, more controlled hairstyle when paired with a suit or a tuxedo. Besides that, before such events, Bruschi generally uses an array of facial skin care products to make his face look camera ready as well.

Telling about his face care regimen, she informs that she has him use Acqua di Parma’s Barberie face scrub, after which she applies the Barberie Clay face mask for 10 minutes. After it is removed, he uses Barberie Face cream an Barberie eye cream, which has a ball
roller at the end, which can help soothe puffy eyes and dark circles. At the end, they finish it up with a face massage, using Jillian Dempsey 24K gold sculpting bar, which increases facial definition.

His love for the leather:

His Love For The Leather
His love for the leather

Bradley cooper is a man known for wearing leather, especially leather jackets in different styles such as the biker look, the bomber jacket, the light spring leather jacket. Incorporating leather into his style allows him to change his look, while still keeping the same aesthetic. While not exactly commissioning custom leather jackets he does like to wear jackets that specifically suit his physique and style, nothing garish or too shape altering.

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