9 Hot Fashion Trends You Will See Everywhere in The Winter 2020

Fashion trends are always changing and evolving. The clothes that we wear depend on seasonal changes, each attire suiting according to weather conditions, inspired by what celebrities are wearing and fashion shows. People invest in clothing very carefully due to their higher price tags. There are so many varieties out there that make it difficult for people to match other elements with their clothing to achieve a great fashion sense. Expert fashion designers are well aware of the trendiest styles, fabrics, items and also know the changing mentality of people. Here are some of the winter fashion trends of the year 2019-2020.

Hot Fashion Trend #1: Seventies Style Trend

Seventies fashion is again revamping in the year 2019 and will continue to progress along in the upcoming year. For instance, bell bottoms, turtlenecks, long length jackets are some of the trends that were followed respectively are again regaining its popularity. Some of the famous fashion companies, for example, Kate spade, the seventies effect comprised of high-waist suits, elongated blazers with the integration of bright colors are some of the old school trends that are being revived in the modern fashion era. Moreover, belted dresses, neckerchiefs and hair styled in a way to look big are some of the trending fashion styles supported today.

Hot Fashion Trend #2: Nineties Style Preference

The nineties fashion seemed like the most popular with the existence of aggressive casualness that was really pursued for the coldest seasons. Ripped jeans, textured denim was some of the elements leading to its increasing popularity vogue to be pursued in 2019. The nineties inspiration combined with seventies fashion sense displayed through camisole dresses with a t-shirt layered on top of it, leopard printed style coats are seen in the present day.

Hot Fashion Trend #3: Lined Trucker Jacket

Amongst all winter jackets available with a great combination of style and substance makes lined trucker jacket as one of the best mens leather jackets to invest in. the jacket being causally styled gives the reliable form of insulation and hardiness to keep a person warm in parallel with maintaining style. With the added benefit of being a fit to body shaped, trims down on body fat. The jacket can withstand a fair bit of wear and tear crafted through a variety of amalgamated fabrics. Purchasing this winter jacket maintaining its style makes it a deserving jacket to purchase for the upcoming winters.

Hot Fashion Trend #4: Matrix Reloaded Style

The winter 2019-2020 fashion trend has taken into consideration an option to keep people warm but with the best black leather trench coat jacket as seen in the matrix movie worn by the famous Hollywood actor Keanu reeves. Black trench coats gained its popularity in the nineties when costume designer Kym Barret dressed the entire cast of the matrix in this clothing, portraying a professional style agent with beautiful and sleek aesthetics put Keanu reeves under the spotlight. People can buy winter jackets online to those fanatics looking for a minimalistic design, giving off a cyber-aesthetic layout of the matrix film.

Hot Fashion Trend #5: Layered Clothing

The trend for females to display their dressing sense through fashion styles seems to be the hottest trend of the fashion industry. This year the styles worn were often covered with a coat or blazer but were seen in the previous years too. Revealing outwear was seen as comfortable, using see-through mesh bodysuit decorated over women. Unique combinations such as a shimmery knitted bodysuit displaying women torso with an overgrown masculine coat over it were seen at Saint Laurent, bringing it a unique touch. See-through blouses continue to show up at fashion runways.

Hot Fashion Trend #6: Leather Dresses


Many designers treated leather as a fabric due to its soft, comfy and warm material, crafting dresses, jumpsuits and many more outwear. For instance, the combination of leather dresses combined with red roses that decorated the skirts. Famous trust brand offered interesting leather outwear with dark leather skater dress merged with purple accessories easily being eye-catchy to the audience.

Hot Fashion Trend #7: Investment Tailoring

The majority of users investing in tailored made suits were the most popular worn due to its long-lasting time. People now focus more on having a forever wardrobe concentrating close attention into having handcrafted suits made that are durable, reliable and can be worn for a lifetime. One of the biggest fashion trends is investment clothing that will not only last for the winters but continue along in other seasons as well. Preference for men and women’s lightweight cotton jackets are uprising who not only want the protection from blazing winter chills but a jacket that is light to carry around no matter where you go.

Hot Fashion Trend #8: Fairy Tale Dresses

High necks and puffy sleeves offer a loveable touch during the winter holidays. Many designers take inspiration from animated films to design real-life dresses, drawing references from fairy tales with a great deal of embroidery.

Hot Fashion Trend #9: Statement Coats

Diverting away from simple black coats to statement coats with animal prints seems to be the trendiest fashion in the market. The statement coat claims to be a loud outwear comprising of an elongating coat length with bright and vibrant colors seems to define the overall view of the coat. The coat also provides warmth during the extreme winters giving of its statement accordingly.

In the end it could be stated now that the above clothing trends are best for women who want to look gorgeous when the weather turn colder.

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