5 Trending Black Leather Jacket Outfit for Men & Women in 2022

Leather jackets have always been a favorite thing for men and women worldwide with their sophisticated style and classic touch that enhances the overall outfit. We have grown up watching movies especially, seeing the black leather jacket outfit men worn by most of the actors, but recently there has been an addition to the biker-styled jackets. They gained popularity in the ’90s, but it was not until 2010 that people wore new biker jacket styles, each having a different style, cut, and design.

The early biker jackets had less variety and weren’t safe enough for long rides, especially for people who love adventures, increasing the need for safe travel. The black leather biker jacket women’s favorite gained popularity in 2021, with 22% of the riders being women. The dramatic increase in the male and female riders led to the demand for safety biker leather jackets, protecting them on rough terrains. Here let’s go through a few versatile leather jackets that have reshaped the biker industry with amazing protective jackets.

5 Black Leather Jacket Outfit for Men and Women

  1. REV’IT Ignition 3

FJL095 Jacket Ignition 3 Black Front 1
REV’IT Ignition 3

The high demand for black leather jacket outfit men has increased biker jackets in different colors and styles while providing the ultimate comfort. One of the sport-fit jackets has to be REV’IT Ignition 3 that quickly adapts to the temperatures around. The full-grain cowhide chassis jacket has mesh in non-impact areas with a back protector and internal shield option for the ultimate protection. However, riders need to purchase them separately. Furthermore, the Seeflex CE level 2 armor is found in the shoulders and elbows to protect the rider from scratches or broken bones in case of a fall. It comes with a removable thermal liner, but in this, the riders are allowed to remove the waterproof liner too as per their preference. The front zipper closure, buttoned collars, long sleeves, and two front pockets give the perfect biker look, as seen in movies. The great part about this jacket is that both men and women can wear it anywhere.

  1. Cortech Lelo

Cortech Lelo
Cortech Lelo

Like men, women nowadays get riding bikes to the workplace, trips, or hangouts; as a result, it has boosted the demand for more comfortable jackets, especially for plus-size women. We often see how plus size women’s needs get ignored, and the smart ones get catered first, but Cortech Lolo emphasizes the jacket for women, especially plus size ladies. It’s best for curvy women looking for smooth, stylish, and comfortable biker jackets. The black leather biker jacket womens choice has a front zipper closure, buttoned collars, long sleeves, and three front pockets. The full-grain think leather leverages women with abrasion resistance.

The CE level 2 armor stitched in the elbows and shoulders protects riders from heavy falls. Though the protection from the jacket is limited compared to other biker jackets, women can purchase the back protector separately for more safety. When buying this jacket, it’s necessary to remember the dark black jacket doesn’t reflect light making it difficult to ride a bike at night at full speed.

  1. Icon Contra 2 Perforated

Icon Contra 2 Perforated
Icon Contra 2 Perforated

The best-selling Icon Contra 2 jackets have been stealing the game for ten years with their fantastic leather quality that provides comfort in style. The jacket includes CE Level 1 D30 shoulder, back, and elbow armor to protect from sudden accidents. It offers maximum protection at the best price, affordable for everyone who loves long rides. The pre-curved arms and a ratchet waist closure provide the much-needed tailored fit to the overall outfit. Moreover, it has the ballistic textile in the non-impact-zones to leverage the biker with easy breathing and movements. For bikers looking for easiness and breathing advantage, the black and white jacket has vents at the back, front, and in the cuffs of the sleeves. The best part about the jacket has to be the removable insulated liner that allows men to wear it in winter and summers accordingly.

  1. Scorpion EXO 1909

Scorpion EXO 1909
Scorpion EXO 1909

The vintage Scorpion EXO 1909 black leather jacket outfit men are best for touring or cruising at night. The jacket gets made from cowhide leather with internal safety stitching for the most impacted areas. Scorpion EXO 1909 has front zipper closures, buttoned standing collars, long sleeves, and three front pockets. Additionally, it has a removable thermal liner, torso panels, two zipped rear vents, and ribbed stretch side hem panels, making it best for winter and summer. The unique jacket is listed in the top 10 for a reason and protects from cold and abrasion. Lastly, its viscoelastic SAS-TEC CE level 2 armor stitched in elbows and shoulder protects riders from harmful accidents.

  1. Alpinestars Alice Jacket

Alpinestars Alice Jacket
Alpinestars Alice Jacket

The sporty cruiser jacket is for women that love riding bikes and competing with men. The black leather biker jacket women’s favorite has an asymmetrical zipper closure in front with double-breasted front flaps, long sleeves, and two front pockets near the waist. It might startle many buyers when looking at the jacket as it doesn’t look armored, but in reality, it has a lightweight, breathable CE level 2 Nucleon Flex armor in the elbows and shoulders. For the riders looking for more protection, it’s facilitated with the forearm extension on the elbow armor to protect them from impactful falls. Moreover, the mesh-backed cowhide leather chassis has a back protector pocket allowing women to add armor according to their needs. Riders traveling to mountainous regions might need the optional armor facility to prepare for rough terrains and unseen dangers. The sporty jacket is loved by women, especially for its beautiful design, cut, and detachable thermal liner that can be used as a hoodie. The features don’t end here; the underarm stretch panels provide the much-needed ventilation without getting them sick.

The timeless, classic jackets are among the top 10 biker jackets list with their unique style and extraordinary features that keep riders warm. The roman reigns jacket is probably one of them, too, with a heavy style fit for long bike rides for men. The leather jackets will always be in trend, with more enhancements in the near future, making everyone gravitate towards the unique designs to stand out from the crowd.

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