A Leather Bomber Jacket: What Is It?

One of the most widely worn types of outerwear is the leather bomber jacket. They feature a timeless appearance that is guaranteed to endure the test of time for several years to come because of its genuine leather construction. If you’ve never worn a leather bomber jacket, though, you may be wondering why they are so popular. According to Statista report, it estimates, the apparel market expanded by almost 5.46 percent in 2017 compared to 2016. The years after that were predicted to see more growth, with a high growth rate of about 6.2 percent anticipated in 2020.

Given that there are other alternative leather jacket designs that can be purchased, why have bomber jackets grown to be favored by so many men and women? Its advantages must first be understood in terms of a leather bomber jacket’s fundamental design.

Introduction to Leather Bomber Jackets

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Originally designed for Air Force pilots, a leather bomber jacket, also known as a flight jacket, is a type of leather clothing. Leather bomber jackets are made from real leather and can be ordered with or without a quilted or fur-lined interior for extra warmth. They have a timeless, classic design that complements both men and women. However, the fact that leather bomber jackets were initially created for Air Force pilots means that they have a fashionable yet practical design.

Leather Bomber Jackets’ History

Origins of the leather bomber jacket men go back more than a century. Pilots and other crew members of airplanes used heavy leather jackets in the early 1900s to remain warm. Because there was no pressurized cabin technology back then, pilots and crew members were subjected to extremely low temperatures during high-altitude flights. Wearing a leather jacket was an easy solution to the chilly high-altitude flight conditions.

The Aircraft Clothing Board was founded by the U.S. Army in 1917 with the purpose of designing and supplying real leather jackets to its aircraft and crew personnel. Although they came in a variety of designs, the majority of them featured wraparound collars that resembled fur and were made of sturdy leather.

Numerous further leather bomber jackets were released in the years that followed, with the A-2 and G-1 jackets being two of the most prominent. The American Navy created the G-1 to compete with the Air Force’s A-2. But out of those two designs, the A-2 is still the most widely used vintage option for leather bomber jackets.

What’s The Difference Between Modern Styles And Bomber Leather Jackets?

Modern leather jacket styles and bomber leather jackets have several things in common. They are both made of real leather, are offered in comparable hues, and may both be ordered in bespoke sizes. Having said that, leather jackets today aren’t always the same as leather bomber jackets.

The superior level of warmth provided by leather bomber jackets is one of their distinguishing features. All leather outerwear can keep you warm by insulating your body and reducing thermal energy loss. However, as this was their intended use from the start, leather bomber jackets excel in this area.

The early and middle 1900s did not have pressurized cabins with central heating systems like those seen in modern airplanes. Pilots and crew personnel donned bomber leather jackets during high-altitude flights to stay warm and prevent hypothermia and frostbite. These jackets provide a greater amount of warmth that you won’t get in other, more contemporary forms of leather clothing because of its thick, heavy-duty structure.

Do I Need A Bomber Leather Jacket?

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Even if you’re not a pilot or member of the crew, you should think about purchasing a leather bomber jacket. In comparison to other coats and jackets, they have a number of benefits, including more warmth. You may stay warm and cozy when the weather gets chilly by donning a bomber leather jacket. Your body is insulated by its thick, sturdy design, which keeps you warm even on chilly winter days.

The long-term value of a leather bomber jacket is another factor to take into account. Other jackets and coats frequently deteriorate after a year or so. Thankfully, leather bomber jackets don’t have this problem. They actually have a long lifespan. In fact, some leather bomber jackets date back more than 50 years.

Old-Fashioned Bomber Leather Jackets

Even vintage-style leather bomber jackets are available. What precisely is a vintage bomber leather jacket? A vintage leather bomber jacket with the same design as the traditional bomber jackets first worn by Air Force pilots and crewmen at the turn of the 20th century is available for purchase here at Jackets Inn.

Care Instructions for a Leather Bomber Jacket

Whether you go for a classic or contemporary style, there are a few simple steps you should follow to keep your leather bomber jacket in good condition. Be careful to condition it once every two to three months, first and foremost. To hydrate and shield your leather bomber jacket from dryness, you must apply a leather moisturizing agent, often known as a leather conditioner.

In addition to conditioning your bomber leather jacket, you should spot clean it frequently. Use a damp washcloth to dab the soiled part of your leather bomber jacket until it is clean. In many instances, you can clean it with regular soap or detergent instead.

However, you can also include a little amount of liquid dish soap for particularly difficult stains.

As with all genuine leather jackets, it’s advised that you adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations listed on the leather bomber jacket’s care label. On this label, there are comprehensive guidelines for maintaining the jacket’s original appearance. Your leather bomber jacket usually has a care label inside the collar. Look around the bottom inner of your jacket for the care label if you can’t find it here.


For their outstanding quality and craftsmanship, leather bomber jackets are highly regarded. They are luxurious, warm, stylish, and comforting. Just be sure to pick the right size for your frame. If not, your new bomber leather jacket won’t serve you very well. If you are looking for mens black leather jacket, get in touch with Jackets Inn.

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